Luka Zajc Design has been around for some years now. As an industrial design studio we are opened to design anything clients throw at us. We have designed everything from a coffee cup to luxury boats. But Spira Christmas tree and other Spira products that followed, were made out of curiosity, passion for innovation and love of natural materials. No client behind us, it all came naturally.
The choice of material was obvious, wood. A natural material that always welcomes us with that warm feel and will never get out of fashion. While developing we revolve around aesthetics, functionality and end user needs. Our philosophy is, that making environmentally friendly wooden Christmas tree, that will last for years, we save the forest, while still enjoying natural materials. So, after discarding many designs and experimenting with many sorts of wood, we came to a working prototype that gradually evolved into an end product called Spira Christmas tree.
Spira Christmas tree, a timeless, ecological and simple, yet sophisticated design with the end user in mind. It is a collapsible tree like no other on the market. One of the simplest to assemble and disassemble. It folds flat in to a 5 cm high cardboard box, so You can store it really easy.

“Our take on design is based on search for the best possible solutions for end users through experiences, testing, technology and styling. In every project we do we aim for the best in usability and estethics.

I can easily claim that all these parameters have came together perfectly in Spira Christmas tree. It has been a joyful journey of testing, experimenting, branding, packaging and presenting the final product. Please feel free to browse throug our website, check our other products in our webstore, and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask whatever is on your mind.”

Luka Zajc
C.E.O & Founder